Hygienist Treatments

At Peasholm Dental Practice, keeping your mouth healthy is our main goal. Research has shown links between gum disease and general health issues such as chronic heart disease and diabetes. Regular hygiene care can help you to achieve healthy teeth and gums, with proven health benefits.

Our team of dedicated Hygienists offers a full range of treatments to improve and maintain the health of your gums and help achieve a bright shiny smile.

Health Treatments:

Low maintenance Appointment

This is for patients who have a good standard of oral hygiene who require encouragement, simple scaling and oral hygiene advice.

Regular Hygiene Appointment

This is our Routine Hygiene appointment, offering a thorough scale and polish and personalised home hygiene routine advice. Perfect for improving healthy gums. It’s the consistent treatment to help maintain fresh breath and a confident smile.

Extensive Hygiene Appointment

If you have not seen a dentist for a while, then this is the treatment for you, alternatively you may have a little problem area which requires some intensive treatment. Our Regular Hygiene appointment is combined with gum health treatment targeting problem areas.

Please be aware that all new patients who request Direct Access require an initial “extensive appointment” for your hygienist to establish your needs.

Full Mouth Gum Treatment

For those diagnosed with ACTIVE gum disease: 4 visits of intensive periodontal care (30-60 minutes each)

This includes an initial detailed assessment of your gums, followed by intensive periodontal therapy with local anaesthesia (if required), working on different areas of your mouth each appointment. Plaque and tartar above and below the gum line is removed. Appointments are usually within the space of just a few weeks (they can be condensed into fewer, but longer, sessions) and followed by a review 3 months later.

NB: Success of treatment is highly dependent on excellent home care. Re-treatment of unresponsive areas may be required and Maintenance care appointments are always recommended.

Cosmetic Cleaning

Brilliant Shine

Our air polishing system gently removes all stain, leaving your teeth smooth and shiny. If you would simply like the stain removing from your teeth, you can book in for this gentle freshen up at any time. You do not even need to see your dentist first.

Smokers’ Cosmetic treatment

Smoking yellows teeth and the tar in cigarettes can leave deep stains.  Our Smokers cosmetic treatment uses ultrasonic cleaning and air polishing to banish stains and freshen your smile.

The friendly hygienists at Peasholm Dental Practice can advise you on the best possible personalized care for your mouth.

Please be aware that all new patients who request Direct Access require an initial “extensive appointment” for your hygienist to establish your needs.

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