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Orthodontic Care

Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry concerned with the correction of the position of the teeth and jaws, aiming for a healthy and attractive smile.

Orthodontics can be used alone to align crooked teeth and improve a smile or to position teeth to allow other dentistry to be more successful eg. providing optimal space for a bridge or implant.

NHS care is available to under 18s who require orthodontic treatment for dental health reasons like significant crowding or protrusion of the teeth. Unfortunately treatment for more mild or cosmetic problems is not usually available on the NHS.

Our Dentists will be able to assess the position of your child’s teeth, to see if they may require othodontic treatment. For children, and more complex adult treatments, a referral to a Specialist maybe required. 

For adults who would like to improve the cosmetic apperance of their teeth, Peasholm may have the answer for you!!

Types of braces used at Peasholm Dental Practice:

‘Clear Aligner braces’ – “Invisalign” use a series of clear plastic positioners to move the teeth. These braces are only available privately. Click here for details about Invisalign.

Orthodontic FAQ

How long will treatment take?

On average treatment takes 18 months but this will vary due depending on the severity of the problem. Repeated breakages of the brace, cancelled or failed appointments will increase the overall treatment time.

Invisalign can be completed in as little as 4 months, but again this depends on the position of your teeth before you start treatment.

How often will I need an appointment?

Normally appointments are required every 6-8 weeks.

Do I still need to see my regular dentist?

Yes. It is important that you continue with your regular check ups with your dentist throughout your orthodontic treatment.

What do I do if I play contact sports?

It is recommended that you wear a gum shield while playing any contact sport.

What if I play a musical instrument?

If you play a wind instrument especially the flute or a brass instrument, fixed braces are likely to make it more difficult and it is recommended that you discuss this with your music teacher.

Finance for teeth straightening

For more information about finance for teeth straightening, click here.